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@speak/ng-bcl is an Angular component library, that aims to provide a consistent look and feel for Sitecore branded applications. It does not have a dependency to Sitecore and is designed to work nicely in any server environment.


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Mark Lee


Sitecore Corporation A/S

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speak 3, angular, business component library, sitecore, dist-tag:latest


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@angular/animations@4.3.6, @angular/common@4.3.6, @angular/compiler@4.3.6, @angular/compiler-cli@4.3.6, @angular/core@4.3.6, @angular/http@4.3.6, @angular/platform-browser@4.3.6, @angular/platform-browser-dynamic@4.3.6, @compodoc/compodoc@1.0.1, @types/core-js@0.9.43, @types/jasmine@2.5.54, @types/node@6.0.88, codelyzer@3.1.2, copyfiles@1.2.0, core-js@2.5.1, cross-env@5.0.5, jasmine-core@2.8.0, karma@1.7.1, karma-chrome-launcher@2.2.0, karma-cli@1.0.1, karma-jasmine@1.1.0, karma-teamcity-reporter@1.0.1, karma-typescript@3.0.5, reflect-metadata@0.1.10, rimraf@2.6.1, rxjs@5.4.3, tslint@5.7.0, typescript@2.3.4, zone.js@0.8.17

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