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Create public and private Python registries with your own packages and those from upstream package sources such as PyPI [].

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MyGet provides hosted NuGet, npm, Maven, Bower, VSIX, PHP, Python and Ruby Gems repositories for individual developers, open-source projects and corporate development teams. Create feeds for your developers, clients or the entire world with secured access. Work together using activity streams and RSS.

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Feeds can contain your own libraries, modules, and build artifacts as well as third-party community packages like newtonsoft.json, react-redux, rails, and more. Upload your packages directly to, publish them from the command line, or deliver artifacts from your continuous integration build server. Proxy or mirror packages from, OneGet,, Maven Central, PyPI,, or any upstream source you would like to add. Push C# or .NET code from Assembla, Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), GitHub or BitBucket to compile and build NuGet packages. Consume dependencies from your IDE (e.g. Visual Studio), install them with a package manager on your local machine (i.e. npm, pip, rubygems) or deploy them using

MyGet supports unlimited public and private feeds

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