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> npm install @speak/ng-sc-cli@0.3.3

This is a NodeJS tool to rename an .html file to .aspx. This tool can be used as a post-build step for Angular-CLI to rename the index.html file to index.aspx. When renaming to .aspx it also adds one extra line of aspx code in the top to enable SPEAK 3 features when run inside Sitecore like Anti-CSRF tokens, entry-point user, authentication etc.


"scripts": {
  "build": "ng build --prod --base-href=/path/to/myapp/root/",
  "postbuild": "ng-sc --entry ./dist/index.html",


Flag Description Default value
--entry, -e File to create aspx file from, with default Angular-CLI setup this should be ./dist/index.html This argument is required and has no default value.
--out, -o What file to output, relative to --entry file. Default value is 'index.aspx'.
--keep, -k Boolean value, if set it will not remove the entry file and font files Removes entry file and font files by default, as it is not recommended to ship your entry .html file with Sitecore application.



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